Frequently Asked Questions

No, we teach from a very basic level. We expect that our clients have little to no experience running an internet business. We also tech you all things to handle your store after we handover to you.

No, all of our sites carry drop shipped products, which mean you hold no inventory. All of your products are shipped directly from the manufacturer. We acquire our vendors by traveling to trade shows across the glob and establishing relationships with them for you. Once the site is yours, you are able to add or delete products on the site as you see fit. We do build businesses that can carry inventory as well.

Absolutely, you can add inventory anytime to your store.

Yes, our hope is that you will continue to grow your business by adding new products. We teach you how to go about finding new vendors so you will be equipped with the knowledge on how to grow your business. Remember, once we handover the store to you, it is yours. You can add, take away, or move around products as you see fit.

Most of the products have 100% markups, sometimes slightly more, sometimes slightly less.

Definitely! One of the immediate tasks we suggests you tend to after we handover your store is to analyze the pricing. You need to request pricing info from each of your vendors and compare it to the pricing you have on your site. Make sure it fits with your business plan.

Our charges is only for one time. No recurring charges. After we handover the store to you every year you have to renew your hosting, domain. The another expence is for marketing and it is variable to all clients depending on their marketing channel.

Drop shipping is quite a simple process. Once you get an order from a customer on your store, you send it to your vendor. The customer paid for the order and the shipping when placed with your store. The vendor will then fill the order and ship it directly to your customer. The vendor charges your credit card on file. This process allows you to hold no inventory and run your business from anywhere in the world that you have a phone, computer and internet connection.

You may charge your customer $500.00 for a bed. The vendor charges you $250.00 for the bed. Your profit is $250.00 minus any drop ship fee if applicable. (This is only an example. Profit margins vary by industry and vendors.)

Yes, absolutely! The beauty of owning and operating an e-commerce dropship business is it can be run from anywhere in the world. We work with clients located in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom as well as, other international countries.

No, you can access your internet business from any computer type.

No, everything you need is built into the admin area of your store.

We research our vendors to determine the quality of their products and their willingness to work with small business owners. Vendors are anxious to please your customers just like you are and we’ve found them to be more than willing to take care of any issues as they arise.

After one year, you can decide to continue with that hosting service in which case you will be charged after that. You can also switch to some other hosting service as well.

Sure, why not? However, you will need to update its DNS settings or give us the access to do so.

You will need to fill a form after payment, which will include questions regarding the niche of your store, its domain name, etc.